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Astrid Consulting Limited Registered Number 7395319 VAT Number 108 7137 21.

brigFounded in 2010.  The name is very special and stands for a number of things, amongst them:

Assessment of:

Or Assurance or Analysis of:


Protection of People, Environment and Plant


Availability and Reliability of equipment or process


Likelihood of Occurrence of events of a particular type or size


Systematic Review for types of hazard and sources of risk



Investigation of Major Accidents


Inherent safety in Design


Of accident root causes or underlying issues, with plant or regulatory systems


Demonstration that risks are ALARP or “all measures necessary” have been taken


Definition of areas that may be affected by a major accident


Definition of preventive and mitigation measures, and


Development in the Vicinity of Major Hazard Installations and Pipelines.

We apply systematic methods in a pragmatic form to give clients or their regulators or other stakeholders, assurance that hazards have been identified and appropriate measures taken to :

·         Eliminate hazards wherever possible;

·         Substitute with less hazardous processes or materials wherever alternatives exist;

·         Reduce the quantities of hazardous materials or the energy involved to a realistic minimum;

·         Use low pressure and low temperatures conditions for process and any storage

·         Reduce consequences of accidents with passive or fixed physical barriers

·         Provide additional safety systems to reduce the frequency of accidents, and as a final barrier

·         Ensure all procedures for safety critical tasks have adequate safeguards, including information systems, training of competent staff and sufficient numbers to carry them out in a timely manner.

These are the fundamentals of INHERENT SAFETY applied to Process Systems Safety.

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