Experience of The Principal Consultant - PETER WAITE C Eng, C Math

Description: Description: Peter Waite.jpgContact info@astriduk.co.uk  A conventional CV may be downloaded from Peter Waite CV

Skills and Techniques:

Project Assurance

·         BP DF1 Gasification, Hydrogen Production IGCC Power Plant, pre-Combustion CO2 capture, compression, transport and sequestration / Enhanced Oil Recovery offshore.

·         Apache North Sea – Risk Management for SSIV installation project on FC oil import and export pipelines.


·         Coarse HAZOP of Gas Terminals (PFDs)

·         HAZOP Ethylene Oxide Storage and Supply


·         Hydraulic Control System and Subsea Isolation Valve - Failure Modes and Effects then Fault Tree Analysis

·         LNG Unloading Arms – Fault Tree Analysis

·         LNG Storage Tank Overfill Protection

Hazard & Consequence Analysis:

·         Model Development

o   Liquid spill, spread and vaporisation

o   Dense Vapour Cloud Dispersion (three phase)

o   Momentum Jet Dispersion

·         Special Calculations

o   Crater Formation

o   Hot metal flow through porous media

·         Phast® Breeze® HEGADAS (FRED) ® ALOHA® Packages to model consequences

·         Managing CFD modellers

·         Training Course for IChemE “Consequence Modelling”

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA):

·         Offshore Production Platforms

·         Onshore Gas Treatment Terminals

·         Fractionation Plant

·         LNG Liquefaction, Storage and Export

·         LNG Import, Storage and Regasification

·         LNG Road vehicle refuelling installation

·         Pipelines (Offshore, in-field, main export, landfall, onshore, gas, liquids, ethylene, CO2, Oil)

·         Refineries

·         Petrochemical Complexes

·         Chemical Plants (Chlorine, Ammonia, Sodium Cyanide, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Fluoride)

Other Risk Assessments:

·         Reliability of Pipeline Networks

·         Financial and Project Risk Assessment

·         Safety in Sewers

·         Fire & Rescue Service

Environmental Assessment:

·         Amax Hemerdon Rare Metals Mine, Devon – bordering Dartmoor

·         Coronation Hill, Gold Mine, Northern Territory – bordering Kakadu

·         Total Gas Terminal, St Fergus Scotland

·         MATTE Assessment for ExxonMobil Mossmorran

·         CDOIF MATTE assessment for Calor Gas COMAH submissions: 8 Upper Tier and 22 Lower Tier sites

Safety Management Systems:

·         Lower Tier COMAH Establishments, Major Accident Prevention Policy

·         Top Tier COMAH requirements

·         Railway Industry for Ladbroke Grove

Accident Investigations and Follow-Up:

·         Pembroke Cracker

·         Coode Island

·         Hydrogen Fire

·         Gas Terminal Fire

·         Gas Terminal Pipeline Landfall Failure

·         Steel Making – Blast Furnace Explosions

·         Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry

Major Hazard Installations, Major Accident Hazard Pipelines and Land Use Planning:

·         New town in the vicinity of Coryton Refinery (Mobil)

·         LPG Depot at former colliery (LPG Company)

·         Residential Development near former Chemical Plant

·         Retail Development near Whisky Warehouse

·         Football and Stadium and Retail near Hazardous (Toxic) Waste Treatment Plant

·         NTS Compressor Station, Lockerley, Hampshire

·         IKEA warehouse and offices near Shell LPG Depot

·         Residential Developments near Gas Holders (several)

·         Ethylene Pipelines (New Pipeline and Pipeline Diversion)

·         HP Gas routing studies and Risk Evaluation in Ireland

·         Land Use Planning Development Policy in East London (Constraints from HP Gas Pipelines)

·         Siting and Buffer Zones for Plants in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia

·         Portland Port Tank Farm / Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy

·         Corrib Gas, Mayo, Ireland

·         Resolving Hazardous Substance Consent issues for CLH-PS aviation fuel bulk storage Top Tier COMAH site

Safety Cases / Safety Reports :

·         Concept Safety Evaluations

·         Safety Reports for Gas Terminals, Chemical Plants and Tank Farms

·         Advice to Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry on Safety Reports

·         CDOIF / MATTE Assessments

Human Factors:

·         Emergency Response to Loss of Containment (Energy Institute)

·         Safety Management and Organisational Change (HSE)

·         Development of Staffing Assessment Method for HSE and Energy Institute

·         Development of Method for Assessing Standards of Supervision

·         Peer Reviews of Management of Organisational Change Procedures

·         Organisation Safety Culture (Railway Contractor)

·         Safety Culture Survey Tools and Webinar on Building a Sustainable Safety Culture for ORC International

·         Improving Front Line and Managerial Response to Loss of Containment Incident Safety Decision Making and Dynamic Risk Assessment Through New Guidance and a Training Toolkit for Energy Institute

Expert Witness:

·         UK Public Planning Inquiries: LPG Easington, Coryton, Lockerley, Portland Port

·         Accident Investigation Inquiries including Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry

·         Expert Reports: 

o   Admiralty Court (LPG Risks in Salvage Claim)

o   Canvey 2 Inquiry Support to BGC on Gas Dispersion

o   Pembroke Cracker Mitigation Statement

Environmental & Quality Management Systems:

·         Developed and Managed Entec’s QMS and EMS including initial assessments and certification

Previous Projects undertaken include work for:

Gas Terminals:

·         St Fergus: Total, Shell, Statoil, Marathon, Conoco, Mobil, BP

·         CATS

·         Bacton

·         Easington

·         Connah’s Quay (Point of Ayr)

·         South Humber

·         Sharjah

·         Bhit

·         Port Bonython

·         Kinneil

LNG Facilities:

·         Canvey

·         Wilhelmshaven

·         Zeebrugge

·         Dudzele

·         Buenos Aires

·         Revithoussa

·         Montalto di Castro

·         Sagunto

·         Mugardos

·         Lazardo Cardenas

·         Kitimat

·         Abu Dhabi

·         Hammerfest

·         Olokola

·         Grain

·         Poland

·         China



·         CATS Landfall Pipeline, Teesside, Amoco

·         Sleipner, in-field and export pipelines, Statoil

·         Zeepipe, landfall and onshore, Statoil

·         Teesside to Saltend Ethylene Pipeline, BP

·         Trans Pennine Ethylene Pipeline A1 Diversion, Sabic

·         CO2 export pipeline at Teesside, Coastal Energy

·         NW Pipeline, to Derry, Northern Ireland, BGE

·         Cork By-pass Pipeline, BGE

·         Isle of Man Spur, Isolation Valves, BGE

·         Corrib On-shore Gas, DCENR, Ireland



·         Coryton (QRA and Human Factors), BP and Petroplus

·         Grangemouth (QRA and Human Factors), BP

·         Pembroke (Accident Investigation, Post Accident Engineering and Safety Management System Reviews)

·         RPBC Petrobras, Cubatao, Brazil (QRA)


Onshore Oil & Gas:

·         Kingfisher, Uganda, ENVID

·         Humbly Grove, UK, HAZAN & QRA

·         LMG Poland, HAZID, HAZAN

·         Bhit, Pakistan, Peer Review, QRA, Safety Report

·         Kashagan, Kazakhstan QRA Peer Review for KMG

Offshore Oil & Gas:

·         Conceptual Safety Evaluations post Piper in UK North Sea (Shell, Enterprise, Amerada Hess, Texaco, Elf)

·         Demonstration that novel sub-sea development met ALARP, BP and BG

·         Reliability of Sub Sea isolation valves

·         Peer Review, ICHTHYS Project – AMEC

·         SSIV retrofit for Apache – Project Risk Management


Chemical Industry:

·         Petrochemical Complexes, India and Singapore

·         Grangemouth Ethylene Cracker, and others, BP, GEP, Rohm&Haas

·         Western Australia Chlorine, Sodium Cyanide, Aluminium TriFluoride, Titanium Dioxide

·         Other UK – Safety Report support



·         UK and Australia Environmental Assessments

Other Industries

·         Steel BHP Fatal Accident Investigations

·         Rail Maintenance Contractor Safety Culture and Performance

·         Water Major Hazards (Chlorine), Reliability of Supply, DSEAR issues

Public Service & Government Departments:

·         Coode Island Review Panel – Advice on redevelopment / relocation of bulk storage.

·         Fire & Rescue Service – Advice on risk based safety management and systems relating to operation, training, procurement and management.

·         Home Office - ODPM – DETR - CLG Advice on development of risk based Fire & Rescue Service

·         CLG – Effectiveness of Sprinklers, and Economic Costs of Fire

·         DETR – Fire Risk Assessment in HMOs

·         Major Accident Inquiries UK

·         Health & Safety Executive – Development of Systematic Methods in Human Factors and Research on the Effectiveness of COMAH Regulations

·         DCENR Ireland – Advice on Safety and Risk regarding Corrib Gas Pipeline

·         CER Ireland – Development of Safety Case Framework for Upstream Oil & Gas

·         DCCAE Ireland: Development of Guidance and an Assessment Protocol to assure the Government of Ireland that operators have taken adequate measures to provide Financial Responsibility for the consequences of oil releases offshore in line with the EU Offshore Safety Directive requirement to provide unlimited liability for well control, spill clean up and to meet legitimate damage claims.  See published report: Method for Assessment of Indemnity / Insurance for Petroleum Authorisation Holders


Property Developers (Hazardous Substance Consent – PADHI Issues):

·         Genesis Housing, Tower Hamlets (Gas Holders)

·         London Development Agency (Petroleum Storage and Major Hazard Pipelines)

·         London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (Major Hazard Pipelines)

·         Barratt Homes (Petroleum Storage)

·         Bellway (Gas Holders)

·         Carronvale (Chemical Complex)

·         NPL (Chemical Plants)

Design Engineers /Contractors:

·         Costain (Gas Plants and Underground Storage)

·         PBG, (LNG Gas Plant)

·         G3Baxi (Offshore Platform HAZID)

·         SLP (Elf – Claymore)

·         SNCL, (Polskie LNG)

·         Sener, (Mexico LNG Terminal)

·         TGE (Hammerfest, China, etc)

·         Worley Parsons (Ralph M Parsons) UK Gas Terminals, Zeepipe

·         M W Kellogg LNG Facilities Greece, Italy, Argentina, Nigeria

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