Astrid Consulting provides a personal, professional service in Safety and Technical Risk Management, including environmental impacts from emissions and loss of containment.

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The web site is primarily to inform you about the services provided but we have also provided some very useful links for those wishing to learn more about Safety, Technical and Environmental Risks, their management by responsible operators and regulation by the Government agencies, see Safety, Risk and Regulation Links.

We are also adding some personal observations on lessons learned from major accidents and near misses, see Learnings which we hope will help to avoid major accidents in the future.  This type of information used to be available in The Major Accident Database from the ICHEME but this is no longer maintained up to date.







Astrid Consulting has experience across all types of process industry including offshore oil & gas exploration and production, gas processing, refining, and chemical processing.  Particular areas of expertise include pipelines and bulk storage

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