Safety & Reliability Society: 30 Years of Risk Assessment – Are we there yet? 14th October 2010, London, “30 years of QRA in Process Safety” Peter Waite


Lessons Re-learned: “Recurring accidents: overfilling vessels”.  The Chemical Engineer (Invited Article) March 2013.  Peter Waite


Building a Sustainable Safety Culture : Webinar with ORC International, June 2016


How to: “Model Accidents”.  The Chemical Engineer (Invited Article) September 2016 page 44, Peter Waite §


HAZARDS 27: -“Improving Front Line and Managerial Loss of Containment Incident Safety Decision Making and Dynamic Risk Assessment Through New Guidance and a Training Toolkit” IChemE Conference May 2017. Peter Waite, Astrid Consulting, UK; Gary Macalister, Macalister Associated Consultants, UK; Glenn Sibbick, Lincolnshire Business Consultants, UK; Alan McIntyre, Restrata Group, UK; Mark Scanlon, Energy Institute, UK 


§ For a copy of this article please go to the TCE website or the author.


Method for Assessment of Indemnity / Insurance for Petroleum Authorisation Holders for Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, June 2017, Astrid Consulting, NRG Well Management and INDECS Consulting


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