Qualifications of the Principal Consultant

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Mathematics Corpus Christi College, Oxford BA (Hons) MA (Oxon)

Numerical Analysis with Functional Analysis, Brunel University, MSc

(Dissertation:”  “)


Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers FIChemE

European Engineer FEANI

C Eng, Member of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers MIGEM

C Math Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications FIMA


Institution of Chemical Engineers Professional Process Safety Engineer

Institution of Chemical Engineers Register of Environment Professionals

Publications (Copies of some available on request: info@astriduk.co.uk)

Published Project Reports

Statutory Assessment of Pipeline Design re: Application for Consent to Construct a Pipeline (Section 40 of the Gas Act, 1976, as amended): Corrib Pipeline.  Report for Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Entec Report January 2011. See http://www.dcenr.gov.ie/NR/rdonlyres/FE59FCF9-C2A1-4DB6-B7E1-A7238EBDC86E/0/EntecReport.pdf

Major Accidents and their Prevention

Recent UK Experience on Safety Legislation.  G.S.G. Beveridge and P.J. Waite.  One-day Seminar, Safety and Loss Prevention in the Process Industries.  I.Chem.E.  (Irish Branch, Southern Centre), and Institute of Engineers, Ireland, 1st November 1984, Cork.

Anticipation and Prevention of Major Accidents.  A Half-day Seminar to the World Bank, Washington DC, USA  P.J. Waite and R.Sylvester-Evans, February 1985.

Safety and Loss Prevention - International Comparisons.  G.S.G. Beveridge and P.J.Waite.  Multi-stream '85, I.Chem.E. Symposium, Series No. 94, April 1985.

Safety Cases: Objectives, Use and Content.  Peter Waite.  Chemistry and Industry, 2nd February 1987.

Safety Cases for UK Offshore Installations.  Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference.  Calgary, Canada, July 1992.

Process Plant Design and Operation (Guidance for Safe Practice) Techniques for Loss Prevention (Chapter 6).  I.Chem.E  1992.

Root Cause Analysis in Accident Investigation, IBC Global Conferences, London, 22nd and 23rd November 1999.

Bund Design To Prevent Overtopping by Glenn Pettitt and Peter Waite in Hazards XVII, Process safety—fulfilling our responsibilities, IChemE Symposium Series No. 149, 2003

Lessons Re-learned: “Recurring accidents: overfilling vessels”.  The Chemical Engineer (Invited Article) March 2013.  Peter Waite

Quantified Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for an LPG Storage and Export Terminal.  R.M. Pitblado and P.J. Waite.  Engineers of Australia, Conference Paper, Melbourne, 1983.

Pipeline Safety and Hazard Analysis.  P.J. Waite and M.A. English.  Pipeline Industries Guild Lecture, 10th January 1985.  Published in the Pipeline Industries Guild Journal, 92, Summer 1985.

Testing the Reasonableness of Risk Criteria.  D.O. Hagon, P.J. Waite and R. Sylvester-Evans.  Reliability '85 (July).

Risk Assessment: Prediction and Reality published in The Chemical Industry After Bhopal.  P.J. Waite, R. Sylvester-Evans and P.L. Hancock.  Oyez Conference, November 1985.

The Effect of Macro Modelling Assumptions on Risk Analysis Results.  M.A. English and P.J. Waite.  Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Conference on Major Hazard Risk Assessment Oxford, July 1986.

The Uses of Hazard and Risk Analysis in the Chemical Industry.  P.J. Waite and R. Sylvester-Evans.  World Conference on Chemical Accidents, Rome, July 1987.

Safety Assessment and Technology Transfer.  P.J. Waite, D.E. Shillito and R. Sylvester-Evans.  I.Chem.E. Symposium Preventing Major Chemical and Process Related Accidents, London, May 1988. 

Process Safety and Risk Assessment in Public Decision Making.  P.J. Waite and D.E Shillito.  In CHEMECA 88.  Institution of Engineers Australia, Conference in Sydney, August 1988.

Risks from pipelines:  single dense-phase versus dual gas and liquids lines by P.J. Waite and Dr. L. Small.  Pipeline Risk Assessment Rehabilitation and Repair, Houston, Texas 1993 and Manchester 1993.

Life Cycle QRA Presented at 8th Annual European Summer School on Major Hazards, 13th-17th September 1993, Christ's College, Cambridge.  IBC Technical Services.

Determining the Extent to which Incorporating Risk Assessment into the Concept Evaluation Stage Can Help Minimise Risks and Costs, IIR Conference, London, 18th-19th September 1995.

Safety & Risk Analysis: Whole Life Cycle Approach Euroforum Conference Offshore Platform Design & Construction, London, March 1996.

QRA of a South American Refinery at Management of Risk & Risk Acceptability Joint Royal Society of Chemistry & IChemE Meting: Register of Health & Safety Specialists.  Register of Eco-Audit Specialists and Safety & Environment Registers, Annual Meeting 7 November 1996 at Royal Society of Chemistry.

Approaches to Comparative Risk Assessments of National and International Radioactive Waste Disposal Options.  By J A Heathcote, A H Rintoul, and P J Waite.  MRS2000 Sydney, Australia/.

Safety & Reliability Society: 30 Years of Risk Assessment – Are we there yet? 14th October 2010, London, “30 years of QRA in Process Safety” Peter Waite

Commercial Risks

Corporate Governance and Business Risk by P J Waite and G Llewellyn.  Info RM (Journal of the Institute of Risk Management) September/October 2000.

Human Factors & Safety Culture

Overview of staffing arrangements assessment method in Assessing the Safety of Staffing Arrangements for Process Operations in the Chemical and Allied Industries organised by the CIA at Runcorn, 10 October 2002.

Examining the current health and safety situation in the recycling and waste management industries at Health and Safety in Recycling, Materials Recycling Week Conference, London, 11th February 2004

Supervision Safety Assessment Principles in Supervision Seminar an HSE seminar at Wilton and Runcorn organised by Entec, January 2005.

Repeated Accident Causes - Can We Learn? IChemE Hazards XXI Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Manchester November 2009.

Improving Front Line and Managerial Response to Loss of Containment Incident Safety Decision Making and Dynamic Risk Assessment Through New Guidance and a Training Toolkit, HAZARDS 27: IChemE Conference May 2017.

Peter Waite, Astrid Consulting, UK; with Gary Macalister, Macalister Associated Consultants, UK; Glenn Sibbick, Lincolnshire Business Consultants, UK; Alan McIntyre, Restrata Group, UK; Mark Scanlon, Energy Institute, UK 

Consequence Modelling

Recent Development of a Simple Box-type Model for Dense Vapour Cloud Dispersion.  P.J. Waite, C.I. Bradley, R.J. Carpenter, C.G. Ramsay and M.A. English.  Second Symposium on Heavy Gases and Risk Assessment, Battelle Institut.  Frankfurt, May 1982.  Published by D.Reidel, 1983.

The Spread and Vaporisation of Cryogenic Liquids on Water.  P.J. Waite, R.J. Whitehouse, E.B. Winn and W.A. Wakeham.  Journal of Hazardous Materials 8, 1983, pp 165-184.

The Calibration of a Simple Model for Dense Gas Dispersion using the Thorney Island Phase 1 Trials Data.  R.J. Carpenter, R.P. Cleaver, P.J. Waite and M.A. English.  Journal of Hazardous Materials, 16 (1987).

How to: “Model Accidents”.  The Chemical Engineer (Invited Article) September 2016 page 44, Peter Waite

Environmental Impact Assessment

Major Factors in the Environmental Impact of Potentially Hazardous Developments.  R. Sylvester-Evans, M.S. Pratt and P.J. Waite.  Fourth Environment and Safety Conference, Paper No. 62, London 1984.

Environmental Safety Assessments of Major Hazards.  D.E. Shillito and P.J. Waite.  The Fifth International Environmental and Safety Conference, September 1985.

Technical Assessment of Industrial Planning Applications.  M.S. Pratt and P.J. Waite.  Environmental Aspects of Obtaining Industrial Planning Permission Seminar, London, 14th December 1988.

Safety issues in Decommissioning and Removal of Offshore Structures, IBC Technical Services Conference, London 15th-16th September 1993.

Estuary Modelling of Water Quality

Stratification in Partially Mixed Estuaries and its Effect on Salinity Intrusion.  P.J. Waite and K. Sanmuganathan.  Paper presented to the Diamond Jubilee Symposium, Central Water and Power Research Station, Poona, India, November 1976.

Control of Salt Water Intrusion in Estuaries by Means of a Dual Purpose Reservoir.  Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Hydrological Forecasting, April 1980.  IAHS Publication No. 129.

Irrigation & Drainage

Numerical Methods for Simulation of Water Table Levels.  M.Sc.  Thesis, Brunel University, March 1978.

Competition for Water Resources of the Rio Guayas, Ecuador, in Optimal Allocation of Water Resources.  Proceedings of the Exeter Symposium, July 1982.

IAHS Publication No. 135.  Analysis of Low Flows in the Nilwala Ganga, Sri Lanka.  Poster Session, Exeter Symposium, July 1982.




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